Ocean Races Academy

The Foundation Holland Ocean Racing is founded to host the Ocean Races Academy. Currently 15 sailing talents are profesionally led to become a pro offshore ocean sailor.

From The Hague “Scheveningen” and "Breskens" we organize weekly training days to educate our talents. Hans Bouscholte or a pro sailor will teach you the skills you need to sail our Volvo 60 racer. 

Our talent programme is based on sailing the weekends as a training in experiences with charter guests. The training is our main focus and our guests will become a buddy with our sailing talents. 

Hans Bouscholte (CEO) and Willem Jan Landman (COO)are  leading the Foundation Holland Ocean Racing. Hans is supervisor, coach and captain during training days and corporate sailing days. Willem Jan is daily involved as operational manager and captain during experience days.

Hans and Willem Jan are supported by several professional and voluntary staff members.

In 2019 the focus will be to sail several regattas in Europe.

There will be several UK sailing weekends and experience days from The Hague and Breskens till late November.

About the Academy

The home port for the training program is Scheveningen (The Hague, the Netherlands). The program covers all aspects of ocean racing, including theoretical knowledge and boat maintenance. The most important part however remains the sailing, making miles, dealing with the forces and size of the boat and of course the teambuilding. In Hans Bouscholtes words: "the big boat experience"!

Name ship: BOUDRAGON
Type ship: Volvo 60
Year: 1997 (total refit in 2015)
Design: Bruce Farr
Edition Volvo Ocean Race / Whitbread round the world:  1997-1998 as Silk Cut
Overall place: 5th

North sea record 
Length over all: 60 ft (18,28 meter)
Max. draft: 11 ft (3,75 meter)
Rig hight: 82 ft (28 meter)
Number of sails: 20
Biggest sail area: 
320 square meter (Code 0, Gennaker, spinnaker):
Theoretical bootspeed: 14 knots
Top speed: 35,7 knots (29,8 in 2018)
Displacement: 14 tons
Home port: Scheveningen (moared next to Zuiderstrandtheater)
Courrent owner: Hans Bouscholte

Aims Oceanraces Academy

Hans Bouscholte and Willem Jan Landman emphasise that the training is open for everybody. As a result in the future we should have more big boat qualified yachtsmen trained to excellence.

This season the 'talents', as the sailors of the Ocean Races Academy are called, will sail along as crew during training experiences, deliveries and UK Sailing weekends on the Volvo 60. That's the best ocean race training they can get!

The fee for sailing talents of the Ocean Races Academy is € 300,- / year. The first year € 199,- will be charged for the first experience day.

Oceanraces Academy

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